COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Please ensure you are familiar with our Corona Virus safety measures before visiting the studio

Changes at the Studio



  • Masks are required for entry into the building. Masks are not required when working out, but they must be worn when you are not in your workout station.  
  • Hand sanitizer is readily available;
  • We’ve reduced our capacity by over half, and have mapped out 9 socially distanced workout stations, including the instructor, with each housing disinfectant supplies. Everyone is spaced 3 metres apart;
  • Air filtration system;
  • Installation of plexi-glass shields in between stations;
  • You will need to bring you own loop and band (they are too difficult to disinfect). These are available for purchase — visit our shop;
  • All equipment needed for each class will be laid out for you before class, and will have been cleaned by me. You will have the option to give it a second cleaning for your own comfort level.
  • Workstation floors, and all common touch areas such as barres, door knobs, and hand rails will be cleaned by me in between classes;
  • The change room will be open, but I’d recommend you come ready to train. Keys/phones may be brought into your workstation, or left with your shoes;
  • When entering the studio, please practice 2 metre social distancing with your mask in place until you reach your workout station.
  • When exiting the studio, please practice 2 metre social distancing with your mask in place until you exit the building.


  • Please complete a COVID Wellness Assessment 24-hours before coming to the studio. Please also self-assess your health before departing for the studio. If you feel unwell, please stay home and perform the Government of Ontario’s Self Assessment Tool. Follow the  advice provided before returning to the studio.
  • Cashless studio. All pricing options are available online, and classes must be paid for prior to booking the class;
  • No hands-on adjustments;
  • Most, if not all classes will be filmed for our studio members who choose not to visit the studio at this time.
  • NO DROP-Ins. All classes must be booked online to ensure:
    • There is space for you and to avoid disappointment
    • To ensure that classes are prepaid (cashless studio)
    • To ensure that each client understands the studio’s COVID-19 policies when booking.