One day before Groove Barre opened, I met the most fantastic girl – right inside my studio.  She’s Anna from Lashes & Lipstick!  

Anna was in the neighbourhood looking for possible locations for her new space.  And while we weren’t meant to be neighbours, we were meant to be friends!  When Anna invited me to check out her business with a lash lift and tint, I was delighted! (And a little nervous, because I’d never done this before…)

I won’t talk too much about the location (because she’s moving soon) but I will say it’s super cute.  Walking into Anna’s business is, I would expect, a little like coming into Anna’s home.  She treats you like a very welcome guest.  Upon arrival, I completed a short form about myself, and then went into the treatment room.  Now “treatment” room sounds a little clinical.  Nothing clinical about the treatment room!  There was a sink that I used to remove my contact lenses (don’t forget your case and lens solution). Taking up the bulk of the space was a huge lounger chair that I got to lay down on!  And then Anna gives you a blanket!  At this point, I don’t even care about my lashes.  I just want to stay here and be comfy-cozy all day long.

But then I did get my lashes done too.  The process was totally painless, and nap worthy.  And the results – Love it! I had a lash lift, which I’m told is like a perm for the lashes, giving them a nice lift, and definitely giving me a more awake look.  I also got a tint, which is a gentle darkening of the lashes.  The overall effect means I look a little more awake in the morning, and lashes for days, without looking overdone or obvious.  Loved it!

I also took the opportunity to ask Anna about a lash extensions for my 13 year old daughter. (I know, when did 13-year olds start getting lashes done? )  Anna explained to me that she wasn’t really comfortable working on such young girls, and felt that if she really wanted to do something for a special occasion, a lash lift would be a better option.  I love this answer!

And the nap!  I totally get why people call it a lash nap.  Totally comfy-cozy.  And you wake up looking refreshed and lifted, but without having sheet creases all over your face!  I’m told the results will last 4-6 weeks, but maybe I’ll sneak back sooner for a nap…

Here’s my lash lift before and after.  Don’t mind my wrinkles 🙂 Do me a favour – don’t expand this photo!