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Help your friends fall in love with the process of getting fit and staying fit, through great workouts, community, and undeniable results.

Select the text you want to copy, click copy or control + “c”, and launch your email or social media post. Then click paste or control + “v” to paste the desired content. Please feel free to use your own words, and I hope you know how much I truly appreciate you sharing Groove Barre!

Dear Friend,

I’m excited to share that my gym is offering free trial classes to anyone who hasn’t tried Groove Barre before!

I love Groove Barre because:

  • it’s an adaptable fitness method. Depending on your energy or fitness level, you pick your option. With ZERO judgement. I always feel comfortable to do my own thing!
  • it’s low impact. I get a great high intensity workout with ZERO impact. I can workout hard without impacting my joints.
  • Groove Barre has a very friendly and supportive community. I always feel comfortable choosing modifications and never feel judged.
  • Undeniable Results. I look forward to my workouts and I feel great in my own skin!

To register for your free class, click here. When you fill out the registration, please let them know you’re a friend of mine by including my email address, youremailadress@email.com.

I’d love to join you for your first class! Let me know when…

Thank you for sharing and have a GROOVY day!