Sometimes the best gifts are the ones we gift to ourselves. There will always be a hundred excuses not to, especially during the busiest time of year. Make time to rest and to exercise. The gift of health is the biggest gift you can give yourself, so please make time to meet yourself on your mat.

If you’re looking for gift ideas you can put a bow on, I’ve got a few of those as well!

Groove Barre Toques $29

Let Groove Barre keep you warm outside the studio with our GB branded toque. These are 100% acrylic, snug fitting and one size should fit all.


New Mats by BMAT

BMAT Cork $94

I’ve been using this mat for the last month, and it has quickly become a favourite. It’s non-marking and naturally anti-microbial, although can be cleaned daily with B-Mat Spray if desired. When damp it provides great grip. The inside scoop: It can be a little slippy before I start to sweat, but I find it pairs prefectly with barre socks. 


The look of this mat is what attracted me to it. It’s leather look is beautiful. Although its 4 mm width is the same as the BMAT Everyday mat, it provides a little more cushioning. The inside scoop: this mat provides less grip than the Everyday, but in a barre class, this can be welcome. Again, it pairs well with barre socks.

BMAT Everyday $84

This mat is a fan favourite. It provides amazing cushion and grip, and lasts for ages. The inside scoop: if I could only have one mat for both yoga and barre, I’d probably choose this one. But it does not work well with barre socks. And I love a barre sock for the grip they provide when we step of the mat.


       Cork             Luxe         Everyday


Barre Socks $22-$25

We’ve got new stocks arriving before Christmas. Have I mentioned how much I love a barre sock? They are great for both our barre classes and our bounce classes.

Groove Barre Gift Cards

Give the gift of fitness to a friend, with a Groove Barre gift card, available in increments of $25. Our gift cards are electronic and are emailed to the recipient. You can choose the delivery date.


I wish the absolute best for you and your family this holiday season!