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This barre class is a fusion of ballet inspired dance, yoga and Pilates designed to define and lengthen your muscles. We use light weights and bands with  high repetition to build long lean muscles. This 60 minute low impact high energy total body workout will leave you feeling strong and energized.

The inside scoop: We really mean it when we say NO DANCE EXPERIENCE required!  Groove Barre is ballet inspired — it is NOT ballet. It is fitness form focused, helping you to move better in your body and to feel improvements quickly.



Think of this class just like Signature, but with more props. We add in extra equipment to help you feel the burn even faster!

The inside scoop: Any Burn class can be a Signature class by electing to not use the prop! We encourage everyone to work at their own pace!

Off the Barre

This class follows the high energy pace and tempo of our Signature class, but without the barre. A greater emphasis is put on balance, core, and mat work.

The inside scoop: This class is an excellent complement to your barre practice!

On the Mat

Define, lengthen and tone with this yoga and Pilates fusion, incorporating traditional Pilates exercises, band work, and yoga, done mostly on the mat. A greater emphasis will be placed on core work in this class.  This 60-minute low impact workout will leave you feeling renewed and powerful.

The inside scoop: A slower tempo than most Groove Barre classes, this a great class to come to when you’re feeling a little lower energy. The entire class is on the mat. And while it’s a quieter vibe, make no mistake, you’ll still get a killer workout. Basically we trick you with calm music, and then you forget that you were ever feeling low energy!

Bounce and Sculpt


This rebounder class is a cardio and muscle sculpting full-body workout. Groove Barre Bounce classes deliver heart pumping cardio with High Intensity Interval Training. Our HIIT embraces Choose Your Challenge, just like our barre classes – there is an option for everyone.  Rebounding allows you to access high intensity cardio with minimal impact – 80 percent less than running!  Challenge balance and core with sculpting series performed on the rebounder.

The inside scoop: People either love this class or hate it. This 45-minute high energy workout will leave you feeling invigorated and alive (and sweaty)!

Signature Express


Everything thing you love about Signature, but without the time! We have you in and out in 45 minutes, leaving no part of your body untouched.

The inside scoop: If you’re short on time, this is the class for you. Also, a great option to get you going in the morning and on with your day.

Signature Flow

Everything you love about Signature, but with an increased emphasis on yoga, incorporating isometric holds and greater breath awareness, bringing strength and stretch to your barre practice.  No dance or yoga experience necessary. This 60 minute low impact total body workout will leave you feeling balanced and grounded.

The inside scoop: If you love Signature, but want even more yoga, this class is for you. Playlists are also a departure from our usual dance mixes. In this class you’ll hear it all – classic rock, indie alternative and maybe even some country!

Slow Flow

We’ll warm up with a gentle yoga flow to get your energy moving. Class will then focus on spine movements and joint mobility, offering low back release and hip balancing techniques in hopes of relieving pain and resetting natural systems in the body. This 60 minute class will leave you feeling peaceful and restored.

The inside scoop:  This is a feel good class for both body and mind!

Yoga straps and blocks may be used for this class. Please bring a long band or yoga strap.

Slow Flow Yoga
Chill yoga class groove barre


Take a deep breath at Groove Barre Chill yoga class. This 60 minute gentle guided yoga stretch and relax class will lengthen those beautiful muscles you work to define in your Groove Barre practice.

The inside scoop: This class is the dessert to your healthy eating all week. It is a delicious slow stretch.

Signature 101


This modified barre class is designed to provide a slower tempo workout for those new or returning to fitness and to active seniors. We use light weights with high repetition to build muscle and protect the joints. This 50 minute low impact class will get your heart rate up and provide a whole body workout.  The playlist is retro!

The inside scoop: If you feel like you have two left feet, this is a great class to start with. The pace is slowed down and there is no fancy choreography.  We are fitness form focused, helping you to move better in your body and to feel improvements quickly.