Reiki Healing

Reiki with Linda

Groove Barre is delighted to have Linda practicing Reiki in Markham. Linda is a gifted and experienced intuitive healer who channels both the art of shamanic healing and Reiki energy to guide her healing sessions. Linda has cultivated a unique practice with the aim of lighting up the world one person at a time! She has established a solid practice, educates (offering a How to Shamanic Journey course) and offers mentorship to those who are seeking guidance on their spiritual quest.  For more information, please visit:

Reiki Plus


Front only

This is a must do for clients interesting in spiritual guidance. You will you enjoy all the rest, relaxation and balancing that comes with Reiki. Additionally, Linda will enter a trance state of consciousness to connect with her spirit guides (your guides make present as well) and will ask them if there is anything you need to know, which she will then share with you. This is a part of shamanic healing.

This session is 60 minutes. You will leave this session feeling renewed, relaxed and grounded, and some clients report an immediate feeling of fullness and subsequent positive changes in their lives.

Reiki Pure


Front and Back

Enjoy the rest and relaxation that comes with Reiki. This option is best for those who would like a passive experience: you will simply receive in silence. In this sesson you will receive Reiki at the crown, the front of the body and the back of the body.

This session is 60 minutes. You will leave your session feeling relaxed and renewed.  


Reiki with Dayna


Dayna has received her master level Reiki attunement, but is new to a formalized Reiki practice. Dayna has had all of her attunements for several years but chose to limit her practice to self, family and close friends, because she was worried about people judging her as being a flake or too woo-woo. Last year, Dayna experienced two deaths that hit hard, and realized that none of us are getting out of this alive, and that she’d better start living her “best life.” The closer Dayna gets to age 50, the less she cares about what other people think.

Dayna was weighed down by past limiting beliefs, and felt she had to justify herself. Now Dayna is content to believe in things she doesn’t understand and can’t expain. She is embracing a renewed sense of wonder with the world. Dayna felt a calling to shine her light more brightly and stop keeping Reiki a secret! Linda is mentoring Dayna in her journey as a Reiki practitioner.


Book an Appointment with Linda or Dayna

 Select with type of Reiki Healing Session you’d like to receive, and then select “Search” below. Currently Linda is accepting appointments Wednesday afternoons.  If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so within 24 hours of your appointment time, otherwise a late cancel fee of $25 will be charged.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How is Groove Barre dealing with COVID-19 for Reiki?

We are following the same protocols as massage therapists.

  • Clients wear a mask while receiving Reiki, as does the Reiki practitioner
  • Linens are changed after each clients
  • Hands are washed between clients
  • High touch surfaces are cleaned between clients
  • Masks are required in all indoor businesses within Markham
  • Additionally, an air filter is placed in the Reiki room
Q) I’ve never done Reiki before - what should I expect?

We suggest you arrive no more than minutes before your appointment. This will give you time to use the washroom as necessary. You’ll be asked to either wash your hands or use the hand sanitizer provided. You will then be invtited into the Reiki room and asked to lay down on a comfy massage table. A pillow will be placed under your knees for comfort. Both a light and heavier blanket will be available for your comfort. You should dreess comfortably but no special clothing is necessary.

When the session first starts, you’ll be asked to close your eyes while a chakra reading is performed. During a chakra reading the Reiki practioner will move a pendulum over each of the chakras to check if they are open. The practitioner will ask you if you are okay with light touch or if you prefer not to be touched. With or without touch, the Reiki will be delivered in key areas across all of the chakras, either will light hands on or hands hovering above – both are equally effective.  Usually the practioner will begin at the crown chakra.

When the session is over, your practitioner will explain to you which chakras were closed, and discuss what these chakras are usually associated with. Please bring a water bottle in case you are thirsty during your session.

After your Reiki session, you should feel relaxed and calm. Some clients report feeling lighter after a session.


Q) How often should I have a Reiki treatment?

It is completely up to you.

We suggest clients monitor how they feel after their session. Do they notice any shifts physically, mentally or emotionally? They should try to notice how long they feel the benefits of the shift. Some clients will experience shifts that last for a long time, and won’t feel necessary to come back for 6 months. Other clients may feel the benefit just stays with them a few days. Other clients report no shifts whatsoever, but feel an incredible calm during their session and want more of this in their lives. 

Reiki is an incredibly individual experience.

Q) How does Reiki work?

If you’re looking for a scientific explanation, Reiki maybe isn’t for you.

Reiki is a leap of faith, and involves a belief in the idea that we are all interconnected, and interconnected with the earth. The Reiki practitioner channels the positive energy of the universe and channels it to where it is needed. Pretty woo-woo stuff. But pretty amazing also.


Reiki and Renew

Saturday, October 24th from 1-2:30 pm  We will re-schedule when we re-open!
This powerful session will be co-led by Linda and Dayna and is a wonderful way to feel the power of Reiki energy.
Reiki healing energy is difficult to explain, and is one of those things in life that is better to feel your way through, rather than to try to describe it or explain it.  Linda will guide you through a gentle yet powerful flow practice designed to open your energy channels and help you feel the healing energy of Reiki.
During the more restorative part of the class, both Linda and Dayna will channel the healing energy of Reiki and direct it to you.  Please bring a cozy blanket, your yoga mat, and dress as you would for any yoga class.  This session is 90 minutes, and will leave you feeling stretched, relaxed and renewed, and maybe, will ignite a sense of wonder.

Energy Healing


Reiki is coming soon to Groove Barre and we are so happy to share this healing tradition with you.  Reiki is the channeling of universal energy to use for both emotional and physical healing.

Reiki has been around since early 1900’s, but many societies and cultures have used energy healing in its various forms for centuries. For example, accupuncture is a widely accepted form of energy healing that involves pricking skin and body tissues with needles. This is an ancient Chinese technique, thought to have originated more than 8000 years ago, has been proven to improve a variety of health concerns.  Very small needs are inserted into the skin along the body’s energy meridians in order to restore balance.

While accupuncture targets the meridian channels of the body to stimulate the flow of energy in the body, Reiki does the same but through targeting the 7 major chakras and energy centres in the body. The 7 chakras were first described in ancient Hindu texts. Kundulini yoga evolved as a way to manipulate the flow of energy through the chakras.


Another example of energy healing is shamanic healing, which was passed down through the indigenous people of North America.

Energy healing is a ancient tradition shared across many different cultures.



Reiki was first created in the early 1900’s by a Japanese lay monk called Mikao Usui. Reiki was already being practiced in Japan in at least four other forms at the time that Usui was gifted with divine inspiration, and Usui Reiki was born.
Usui Reiki was unique in that it required little training by the practitioner and instead, attunements or the ability to channel life force energy, was passed from master to student. Usui attuned over 2000 people before he died in 1926, and this tradition spread throughout the world.

The word Reiki comes from Japanese two words: Rei, spirit or soul, and Ki, which is vital force. Those with low life force energy can feel depressed, in pain, and generally out of sorts in both their body and with the world at large. Those with high life force energy generally are happier and more fulfilled people.

Reiki treatment can be used to improve the vital life force energy and create more flow. Have you ever heard the expression “getting into the groove (pardon the pun) or of being in a flow state? You feel good in your body, have a positive outlook on life, creativity comes easily to you…this is being in a flow state. Reiki can help you flow with the natural ebbs and flows of life.




In the Reiki belief system, the energy points are believed to be spinning discs of energy, and that good “Ki” is achieved through opening the energy flows between these discs. It is believed that there are over 100 of these discs in the body, but there are 7 main discs or chakras.

The word chakra is from the Sanskrit word “cakra,” which means wheel. The wheel is meant to represent the turning (or flowing) of energy like a wheel. Each main chakra is believed to align with different parts of the body and nervous systems, as well as being intricately tied to our emotional well-being.

It is normal to live our daily lives in and out of balance, with different chakras opening and closing as you feel the experience of your life. Past trauma can lead to some chakras being more difficult to open.
each of the chakras are interconnected and important. Often creating new balance in one chakra will impact the others. Read below to discover more about each chakra.


Root Chakra



Location: The base of the spine

Colour: Red

Meaning: Physical identity, stability, safety and grounding

Crystals: Brown jasper, red jasper, and smoky quartz


  • I am safe and secure
  • All is provided
  • I have what I need

The first chakra is the root chakra. This chakra is the most primal. It is your survival centre and home of your basic instincts like the fight or flight response. In order to be balanced, this chakra needs safety and security. Without balance in this chakra, it is difficult to achieve growth in this chakra. For example, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to seek enlightenment when you’re worried about where you’re going to sleep at night.
The root chakra is home to courage and resourcefulness during difficult times with the knowing that we will be okay.

A blocked root chakra can manifest physically with a variety of ailments, but is easy to spot as worry about basics such as food and shelter. When the root chakra is in alignment and open, we will feel grounded a safe, both at an emotional and physical level.


Sacral Chakra



Location: Pubic bone to just below the navel

Colour: Orange

Meaning: Intelligence with the world around you and awareness of your place in the world

Crystals: Unikite, carnelian, and sunstone


  • I enjoy my body
  • I enjoy the sexual experience
  • I respect and value my body

The sacral chakra or second chakra is your drive for passion and pleasure, and we experience this through our feelings and sensations. A well balanced second chakra allows you to feel worthy enough to feel your feelings, pleasure, connection and intimacy. It is also associated with the ability to live in each moment as it happens, and experience each moment in its fullness.
Second chakra issues can develop through conditioning of society: we are often taught to hide our feelings and keep ourselves in control. This can lead to being disconnected from our bodies and our feelings. Issues can manifest physically via problems with associated organss.


Solar Plexus Chakra



Location: Beneath the solar plexus and the navel

Colour: Yellow

Meaning: Self esteem, confidence, personality, ego

Crystals: Citrine, labradorlite and peridot


  • I am worthy of respect, kindness, and love
  • I choose the best for myself
  • I am proud of my accomplishments

The third chakra is said to be the chakra of personal power. This chakra is related to your expression of your personality, your will power and self esteem.

It is important to have the right amount of energy in this chakra. Too little or a blockage can manifest in physical ailments related to the digestive system and kidneys, as well as showing up in the personality traits of low energy, low drive, and generally sitting around waiting for life to happen. Too much energy in this chakra can manifest in the same physical ways, as well as showing up in the personality traits of being reactionary instead of proactive, being aggressive, and having emotional outbursts to the ups and downs that happen during the human experience.


Heart Chakra


Location: Centre of the chest at heart level

Colour: Green

Meaning: Love (not romantic but instead as connectedness) and compassion

Crystals: Rose quartz, rhodochrosite and emerald


  • I am love and love others
  • Love is my divine right
  • I am peaceful

The fourth chakra or heart chakra is in the middle of the chakras and connects the more basic chakras to higher level chakras.
Blocks in our heart chakra can appear as problems with our health such as weight issues, heart problems or asthma. Heart chakra blockages more often are evident in behaviour. People with this chakra out of alignment may not be able to love themselves, and over-compensate by putting others needs ahead of their own. This can lead to feelings of being unappreciated, misunderstood, and insecure. When in alignment, you live and give with love, and people feel your warmth and compassion shining through.


Throat Chakra



Location: The throat, neck, and shoulders

Colour: Blue

Meaning: Communication, being able to fully express yourself to others and live in your truth

Crystals: Aquamarine, lapis lazuli, and angelite


  • I am open, clear and honest in my communication
  • I am free to speak my truth
  • I am creative

The fifth chakra or throat chakra is all about knowing your truth at any given point in time, and having the conviction and confidence in yourself to express it. Blockages with the throat chakra can manifest in a variety of ways, including gum problems, stuttering, neck and shoulder pain. They can also show up as dominating conversation, gossiping about others, or having difficulty speaking your mind. People with aligned throat chakras speak their truth confidently and often feel inspired to share their creative pursuits; they also show compassion in their words and thoughts for others.


Third Eye Chakra



Location: Between the eyes on the forehead; sometimes also called the brow chakra

Colour: Indigo

Meaning: Intuition and imagination; consciousness of self

Crystals: Amethyst, clear quartz and lapis lazuli


  • I trust my intuition
  • I forgive myself
  • I learn from my past

An open third eye chakra or sixth chakra can help you to follow your intuition and to also better understand the world around you, and your place in the world. The third eye is sometimes called the sixth sense, as people with an open third eye chakra can be very intuitive to things around them that others don’t see.

People with a blockage in this chakra may be seen as arrogant and have trouble accepting facts that interfere with their world view. Blockages can manifest Since this chakra is physically located on the head, blockages can manifest as headaches, hearing problems, difficulty concentrating, and eye issues. People who have trouble listening to reality (who seem to “know it all”) or who are not in touch with their intuition may also have a block. When open and in alignment, it’s thought that people will follow their intuition and be able to see the big picture.


Crown Chakra



Location: The crown of the head and just above

Colour: White or violet

Meaning: Intelligence with the world around you and awareness of your place in the world

Crystals: Amethyst, clear quartz and moonstone


  • I honour the divine in me
  • All is well in my world
  • I trust my intuition

The crown chakra or seventh chakra is considered the chakra of enlightenment. Those with a blocked crown chakra can be stubborn and closed to new ways of thinking. Blockages can also result in a feeling of being disconnected. An open crown chakra is seen as the path to bliss as this chakra is connected to al the others, and is thought to help the other chakras open. Those with an open crown chakra have a knowing that there is a deeper meaning of life and that there is an order that underlies all of existence.

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