barre classes

Whether you’re new or an experienced barre practitioner, our barre classes are right for you!


Barre is an awesome mashup of Pilates, yoga, and ballet inspired exercises.  Huh?

The first half of class we’ll work general floor exercises with light weights and bands, feeling driven by the beat of the music. You’ll see familiar exercises like squats and biceps curls, and learn some new ones too.

Sometimes we’ll move at pace to get your heart rate up. We all move at our own pace.

We’ll do some yoga, some plank work (omg the plank work), ab work, and some barre work.

Think of the barre as a method to get a killer leg workout. Never done barre before? Don’t worry – we got you!

At the end, we rest. And it’s magical.

We encourage everyone to work at there own pace. You’ll always see people putting down their weights, their bands, or taking water. Some of our clients wear indoor running shoes because they need a little more support than barre socks, and it’s all okay. We are here to help you get your best workout in, however that feels for you!


The signature barre class was a great workout! Lorena is an amazing instructor – she’s super energetic and motivating. She created such a fun atmosphere. I’m looking forward to many more classes!


The class today was perfect ! Just enough to wake up all my muscles after the weekend, get the heart rate going, better my balance, and also test my coordination skills with some quick step changes – which is always a lot of fun. A great combination of everything today which was awesome !!!


Amazing! Great work out. Great time. Great people.


Beautiful space, challenging and fun barre class with music that motivates. The owner and instructor, Dayna, has been a dedicated fitness leader for years. So great to see her use her talent to bring quality barre with serious groove to Markham.



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Signature Barre

This barre class is a fusion of ballet inspired dance, yoga and Pilates designed to define and lengthen your muscles. We use light weights and bands with  high repetition to build long lean muscles. This 60 minute low impact high energy total body workout will leave you feeling strong and energized.

The inside scoop: We really mean it when we say NO DANCE EXPERIENCE required!  Groove Barre is ballet inspired — it is NOT ballet. It is fitness form focused, helping you to move better in your body and to feel improvements quickly.

Cardio Metre: Moderate

Burn Barre


Think of this class just like Signature, but with more props. We add in extra equipment to help you feel the burn even faster! If it sounds harder than Signature, don’t worry, IT’S NOT – it just sounds harder…

The inside scoop: Any Burn class can be a Signature class by electing to not use the prop! We encourage everyone to work at their own pace!

Cardio Metre: Moderate

Off the Barre

This class follows the high energy pace and tempo of our Signature and Burn classes, but without the barre. A greater emphasis is put on balance, core, and mat Pilates work.

The inside scoop: Kind of a mash-up between Signature with our On the Mat class.

Cardio Metre: Moderate

Signature Express Barre


Everything thing you love about Signature, but without the time! We have you in and out in 45 minutes, leaving no part of your body untouched.

The inside scoop: If you’re short on time, this is the class for you. 

Cardio Metre: Moderate