1) How do I get Groove Barre Online onto my TV?

This is the most common question I get.  The answer is, it depends. It all depends on your set-up. Here’s variety of scenarios:

On Demand Access Only with a Smart TV

If you don’t care about being live and have a smart TV, the easiest way is download the Vimeo app on your phone and tv. You’ll choose videos you like from the website, and select the “watch later” button in the top right corner. Then you’ll access the Vimeo App on your smart TV and look for your watch later videos. This doesn’t work for live stream unfortunately. 

These solutions will work for both livestream & on demand:

  • If you have Apple TV, you can put your iphone screen onto the tv – that’s easiest.
  • You can google chrome cast a computer screen to a smart TV. You can also google chrome cast the Vimeo app from your phone to your smart tv.
  • You can access the browser on your smart tv and log into the groovebarre website to access Groove Barre Online.
  • And failing all of that, you could connect a laptop to the tv with HDMI cables.

2) I can’t login to Groove Barre Online – it says “An account with this email does not exist.”

When you enroll in Groove Barre Online and register for your first class, you are sent a link to enroll in a memberspace account and create a profile. You need to ensure you have completed this step to access on-demand classes from the website. There are now two separate places you can log in to on Groove Barre – one is to access Groove Barre Online Subscriber pages, and the other is to manage your account with Groove Barre. The account management login is in the top right corner of the website for desktop, and it’s in the top menu from mobile or tablet – it’s called “My Account.” The Groove Barre Online login is situated at the bottom of your screen and is called “Member Login” when you are not logged in, and “Your Account” when you are logged in. It’s also the login you’ll be presented with when attempting to access Groove Barre Online pages and you haven’t logged in yet. 

Make sure you are logging into the correct login, and make sure you have created your memberspace profile.

3) I have created a memberspace profile, but seem to be caught in a loop, and can’t login.

Read this!  

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Enjoy your workout and have a groovy day!