Your Questions...Answered

Questions About Classes

what the heck is barre?

Barre is an awesome mashup of Pilates, yoga, and ballet inspired exercises.  Huh?

The first half of class we’ll work general floor exercises with light weights and bands, feeling driven by the beat of the music. You’ll see familiar exercises like squats and biceps curls, and learn some new ones too.

Sometimes we’ll move at pace to get your heart rate up. We all move at our own pace.

We’ll do some yoga, some plank work (omg the plank work), ab work, and some barre work.

Think of the barre as a method to get a killer leg workout. Never done barre before? Don’t worry – we got you!

At the end, we rest. And it’s magical.


what class do i do for my first class?

Have a read of our class descriptions. Whichever class resonates with you is the one! 

All of our instructors are experienced and will give modifications so you can get your best workout. Everyone is accustomed to seeing people working at all different paces and working different modifications. Zero judgement.

i’ve booked my first class. what should i expect?

Arrive at least 10 minutes before your first class. This will give us time to go over any questions or concerns you might have, ensure your forms and waivers are completed, and make sure you’re set up for a great first class.

All of our barre, pilates and bounce classes follow a similar rhythm and all are driven by the beat of the music. The choreography is intuitive and easy to follow.

HAVE FUN! We are so excited to have you join our community!

what do i wear?

Whatever you like to work out in. For some, it’s the latest lululemons and for others, it’s whatever’s kicking around. And it’s all good.

what do i wear on my feet?

We recommend barre socks for our barre, Pilates and rebounding classes. Bare foot for yoga. If you need extra support from running shoes for our barre or rebounding classes, that’s cool – just make sure it’s an indoor shoe please.

what if i’m out of shape or overweight?

Zero F’s Given.

I guarantee that if you’re asking the question, you care more about it than we do (did I mention we don’t care?). 

We meet every client where they are today. Each class is adaptable for all fitness levels. Wherever you are today, we are here to cheer you on in your fitness journey!

Groove Barre Founder, Dayna Callaway, weighed over 200 pounds after her first child, and she knows what it’s like to feel not so good in your own skin.

The goal of Groove Barre classes is to make your workouts fun, so they won’t be a miserable chore. It’s our mission to create fitness junkies! Don’t be surprised when you get addicted.

do you have hot yoga?

No. Our yoga is regular temperature. The thermostat is set to 23 degrees celcius.

We keep the studio a little cooler for barre, Pilates and rebounding – the thermostat is set to 20 degrees celcius.

You might SWEAT a little and sweat is good. We’ve got complimentary towels.

what do i bring?

Bring water and a mat. If you forget, we have mat rental available for $2, as well as drinks and snacks available for purchase.

questions about facility

where do i park?

There is so much parking at Station Plaza!

If Main Street is busy, we recommend you approach parking from the back.
Directions from Bullock: heading east, cross over Main Street (Bullock turns in Parkway Avenue), and turn left onto George Street. Continue until Ramona Blvd., and then turn left. Enter the parking lot you see on the right. Drive around the back of the building to the front, and park where you like. Groove Barre is upstairs and the entrance is in between Pinned Up Bra Lounge and Kate’s Garden.

do you have changerooms and a shower?


There are men’s and women’s washrooms with stalls where you are welcome to change.

are you a women’s only facility?

No. All are welcome. 

We attract mostly women, but we wish more would join us.

questions about policy

what if i’m late?

It depends. If it’s your first time doing a reformer class with Groove Barre, you must show up on time or you will not be permitted to enter the class and your class will be deducted as if you had attended. This is a safety issue.

For our open studio, we have an open door policy. Please come in quietly and try not to disrupt the class.

what if i have to leave early?

All good. If you know in advance, just let us know ahead of time so we don’t worry about you.

If something comes up during class, please feel free to leave. Know that we’ll ask you if you’re okay on your way out.

what is your cancelation policy?

We have a 4-hour cancelation policy for our classes. If you cancel less than 4 hours before a class, a class will be deducted from your package or if you are an Unlimited Member, you will be charged $10.

If you late cancel or no-show a free workshop, there will be a $10 fee. Free workshops must be canceled 4 hours before the workshop. Paid workshops require 24 hours notice. Late cancels and no shows will not receive credit. Paid workshops canceled in accordance with our policy will be credited the workshop for use at a later date.


can i share my passes or membership?

No. Class passes and memberships are non-transferrable and sharing is not permitted.