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We are the first dedicated Barre Fitness Studio in Markham. Following Public Health orders, we have moved our classes exclusively online. We offer barre, Pilates and yoga, available live stream and over 250 on-demand workouts, with unlimited access for only $24.99 / month. 

We are still able to offer Reiki with Linda or Dayna

Please visit the Reiki page for more details.

We are now offering a monthly subscription to our Virtual Groove Barre Online Studio! You’ll gain access to over 250 full-length Groove Barre online workouts, with new classes added daily!

You can choose from your favourite type of Groove Barre workout, with over 250 pre-recorded classes already there waiting for you. Prefer to workout real-time?  We live-stream a new class every day, and then add it to our library.

You’ll be able to access our workouts from our private group in Facebook, or from our website. Want to see us on the big screen? Use the Vimeo app on your tablet, or to project us onto your TV!

Here’s a Little Peek Inside Groove Barre Online…

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Groove Barre Online Pricing

Day Pass - $10

Not quite ready to commit? Expires 24 hours after purchase.

Renews Monthly - $24.99

Auto-renews every month, and may be canceled at any time.

Single Month - $34.99

Automatically cancels at the end of the month.

Your access gives you UNLIMITED access. No messing about with sign-ups for individual classes. Once you are paid for the month, you are in for as many classes as you like. You can choose to work out with us LIVE if those times work for you, or choose from on on-demand library of over 250 workouts. No 2 classes are the same.

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(There are some classes available on demand but not live stream).

Groove Barre Signature

Groove Barre Signature barre class is a fusion of ballet inspired dance, yoga and Pilates designed to define and lengthen your muscles. Uses weights and bands. All our barre classes use light weight and high repetition to build long lean muscles. No dance experience necessary! This 60-minute low impact high energy total body workout will leave you feeling strong and energized.

The inside scoop: We really mean it when we say NO DANCE EXPERIENCE required!  Groove Barre is ballet inspired — it is NOT ballet. It is fitness form focused, helping you to move better in your body and to see improvements quickly.

Groove Barre Signature Express

Everything you love about Signature, but with less time. Our 45 minute express class hits all the high notes, giving you optimal work to stretch, tone and define your muscles, in minimal time. No dance experience required. This class will leave you feeling strong and revitalized.

The inside scoop: If you feel like you’re too busy to workout, but still want to see great results, this class is for you! It’s also a great option to get you going in the morning!

Groove Barre Signature Flow

Everything you love about Signature, but with an increased emphasis on yoga, incorporating isometric holds and greater breath awareness, bringing strength and stretch to your barre practice.  No dance or yoga experience necessary. This 60-minute low impact total body workout will leave you feeling balanced and grounded.

The inside scoop: If you love Signature, but want even more yoga, this class is for you. Playlists are also a departure from our usual dance mixes. In this class you’ll hear it all – classic rock, indie alternative and maybe even some country!

Groove Barre Burn

Groove Barre Burn barre class takes our Signature workout, ballet inspired dance, yoga and Pilates, and adds the elements of props such as sliders, ankle weights, and blocks to deepen your strength training at the barre. All our barre classes use light weight and high repetition to build long lean muscles. No experience necessary. This 60-minute low impact high energy total body workout will leave you feeling strong and energized.

The inside scoop: Don’t be afraid of this class! It’s very similar to Signature, just with more props for added resistance.

Groove Barre On the Mat

Define, lengthen and tone with this yoga and Pilates fusion, incorporating traditional Pilates exercises, band work, and yoga, done mostly on the mat. A greater emphasis will be placed on core work in this class.  This 60-minute low impact workout will leave you feeling renewed and powerful.

The inside scoop: A slightly slower tempo than most Groove Barre classes, this a great class to come to when you’re feeling a little lower energy. The entire class is on the mat. While it’s slower tempo and a quieter vibe, make no mistake, you’ll still get a killer workout. Basically we trick you with calm music, and then you forget you were feeling low energy, and work your butt off!

Groove Barre Off the Barre

Groove Barre Off the Barre class is just like Signature and Burn, but without the support of the barre. This workout will take your fitness to the next level – it’s all you, baby. Ballet inspired dance moves, Pilates exercises, yoga, and no barre for support to better challenge your balance! A higher emphasis will be placed on mat work. All our barre classes use light weight and high repetition to build long lean muscles. This 60-minute low impact total body workout will leave you feeling strong and energized.

The inside scoop: Even if you’re addicted to barre, you will still love this class too. Just like our barre classes, no muscle is left untouched! On Tuesdays we do a special version of Off the Barre, nicknamed Terrible Tuesday! In this class we do a little, do it again and add more on, and do it again. It is continuous flow and is our most intense class on the schedule, but like all Groove Barre classes, can be modified to fit your fitness level, injury history, and energy level on any given day.

Groove Barre Chill

Take a deep breath at Groove Barre Chill yoga class. This 60-minute gentle guided yoga stretch and relax class will lengthen those beautiful muscles you work to define in your Groove Barre practice.

The inside scoop: This class is the dessert to your healthy eating all week. It is a delicious slow stretch.

Registration is easy!

Click on “Sign Up For Classes!” Create a login on our MindBody site,
and then you can see all of our classes & packages available for purchase.  Prefer to use your phone? There’s an app for that! Click below to get the MindBODY.

Once you have registered as a member of virtual studio, you are free to access both the on-demand and livestream classes anytime you like!

What Groove Barre Clients Say:

“This studio is awesome! Small but bright and airy. Exceptionally clean. Great detail to social distancing between clients. Great classes. Friendly and welcoming atmosphere.”

“Thanks for the free workouts during the shutdown.  When I was trying on my summer clothes, I noticed a difference!”

“Even after spinal and hip replacement surgery, I feel stronger today than ever, thanks to Groove Barre workouts!”

-Barb K

“Thanks for keeping us fit during the shutdown! You were there with us every step of the way.”

-Carolyn H.

“I love Groove Barre classes! The space is beautiful and you can tell Dayna loves what she does.” 

-Anna L.

“I take classes with Dayna at Groove Barre and I have seen the difference in my body in just a couple of months!”

-Lorena P.

I just wanted to thank you for yesterday’s class. I really enjoyed your class and after being rather discouraged and hesitant – it was a great experience and I felt positive that I can do this!”

Carolyn L.

Groove Barre is a beautiful studio and Dayna has great energy and music!! The signature barre class was a perfect combination of strength and stretch; it’s a great workout!

Tracie S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What equipment do I need?

You’ll need light weights (I recommend 2-3 pounds), a long light exercise band, a small closed heavy weighted loop, a yoga mat, and a sturdy chair to use as a barre. We use this equipment the most often.

Less often and in order of importance, you’ll need a Pilates ball (can you a small firm cusion instead), a Pilates ring (a magical piece of equipment I hightly recommend investing in), and two sturdy yoga blocks (a heavy & sturdy hardcover book might work as well).

Q) Do you sell equipment?

Yes! Here’s the link for our store. If you’re local to Markham/Stouffville, I can do porch drop off. If you’re not so local, but come to Markham occasionally, you could pick up from the studio. We don’t offer shipping at the time.

Q) How do I sign up for Online Classes?

Once you sign up for your pass for the month, there is no need to sign up for individual classes. You can access live stream on on-demand classes anytime you like!

Q) Do you offer modifications for clients at home with special concerns?

Yes. If there is something you would like to share with me about your individual concerns, like pregnancy or an injury, I can offer modifications. I will just ask you to email me when you sign-up, likely we’ll have a phone call, and we’ll devise a strategy that best fits your situation.  

On The Blog:

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I am being asked if I will be permitted to re-open under the amendment to the emergency orders the Ontario government made this morning.

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I’d love to be able to answer that question definitively, but the truth is, I can’t. What I can do is share some articles with you, and the opinions of health experts. I can also share with you what I’m doing at Groove Barre to support our joint safety. And I’ll share this with you too: I’m afraid to get it wrong. The worst thing that could happen is to have an outbreak traced back to our studio, so I’m doing every thing in my power to prevent that from happening.

Musings of a Fledgling Barre Boss

I f#cked up, I’m not sorry

These were the song lyrics that came blasting over my stereo this morning as I taught my group fitness cardio dance class.  (Song’s called “I’m Not Sorry” by Hardwell if you want to look it up.)  Turns out it’s a pretty catchy track that somehow escaped Spotify’s allow Explicit Content filter.  Still my responsibility to know my music though, so my bad. 

I have bad knees, bad hips, a sore back, whatever…

There is an expression that is so appropriate for fitness: move it or lose it. Well intentioned sports therapists or doctors sometimes recommend complete rest for an injury, and then more bad things happen. Nowadays, the advice is often to keep it moving.

Karma Classes for Baby Eva

Groove Barre Karma Signature Barre classes join the fight #ForEvaStrong. All proceeds from Karma classes for the month of February go to Eva.

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What to expect at a lash lift and tint

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Everying you’ll want to know after you’ve booked your first barre class at Groove Barre Markham. Welcome to our community!

Barre So Hard

So you thought it was going to be like your daughter’s ballet class. After a very rude awakening, you realize this just might be the hardest workout of your life.

You are ready now.

I have been a group fitness instructor for almost 10 years, and I was never tempted to open my own studio. I’ve taught yoga for 5 years, and again, was never tempted to open my own studio. But then I discovered barre, and suddenly I caught the studio bug.

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