Welcome To Groove Barre

We want to be your new favourite fitness, pilates, and reformer studio.

We create fitness enthusiasts. We help people fall in love with the process of getting fit and staying fit, through great workouts, community and undeniable results. It’s all good – go ahead and get addicted.

Choose your challenge:

Groove Barre is an adaptable fitness method. Depending on your energy or fitness level, you pick your option with ZERO judgement. We’re just glad you came!

Low Impact

You can get an amazing high intensity workout with ZERO impact. This means you can workout hard without being hard on your joints!

Friendly Community

If you’re new to Groove Barre, and we don’t introduce you to someone, your next
class is on us!

Undeniable Results: 

In the words of Joseph Pilates, “In 10 sessions, you’ll feel a difference. In 20, you’ll see the difference. In 30, you’ll have a new body.”

About Groove Barre

Get to know how we help

Finding Your Groove

All of our classes at Groove Barre Markham are designed to be safe, effective and to help you build your functional fitness.

Most clients find that it takes 2 to 3 classes to really find their rhythm.

Leaning In To It

In 5-10 classes, you might notice you’re moving better in your everyday life, and after a couple of months with Groove Barre, you’ll feel fitter with increased strength and endurance.

Soon you’ll be noticing you’re standing taller, moving better, and everyday tasks become a little easier. Your friends might ask you what you’ve been up to!

Figuring Out Your Favourite Class Type

We offer 4 main class types: barre, Pilates, rebounding and yoga, with some variations in each.

We recommend for most clients at least one of each type a week for a balanced fitness approach.

Classes We Offer

Sometimes it feels like you’ve lost your groove. Don’t worry. We’ll help you find it and fall in love with your fitness journey all over again.


Our barre classes incorporate easy to follow and fun ballet inspired choreography, weight lifting with Pilates and yoga. High repetitions with light weights help you sculpt long, lean muscles while protecting your joints. We are fitness form focused and breath aware. No dance experience required.


Our mat based Pilates classes slow down the tempo and are Pilates form-focused, allowing you to develop a deeper understanding of your powerhouse. You’ll bring this into your barre work for even greater results!

We offer many different types of reformer Pilates classes. 



Our yoga is approachable, accessible and empowering. From vigorous to gentle, beginner to experienced practitioner, we’ve got the class for you. We offer hatha, yin, yogalates and power.


Did you know rebounding is almost zero impact? You can get an amazing high intensity cardio workout without stressing out your joints. And it’s seriously FUN! It’s hard not to smile when you’re bouncing up and down. And you won’t pee yourself. This actually strengthens your pelvic floor.

Read what clients have to say about their classes at Groove Barre:

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