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Groove Barre is for Everyone!

We are the first dedicated Barre Fitness Studio in Markham. We help people fall in love with the process of getting fit and staying fit, through great workouts, community, and undeniable results.

Groove Barre is for ALL bodies. A barre method like no other.

With a continuous and high-energy flow of easy to follow choreography, Pilates-based exercises, and an emphasis on breath awareness, Groove Barre will keep your heart rate up and challenge your muscles, all with ZERO impact. No dance experience required!


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Read what our Clients Say About Groove Barre

“This studio is awesome! Small but bright and airy. Exceptionally clean. Great detail to social distancing between clients. Great classes. Friendly and welcoming atmosphere.”

“Even after spinal and hip replacement surgery, I feel stronger today than ever, thanks to Groove Barre workouts!”

-Barb K

“Thanks for keeping us fit during the shutdown! You were there with us every step of the way.”

-Carolyn H.

“I love Groove Barre classes! The space is beautiful and you can tell Dayna loves what she does.” 

-Anna L.

“I take classes with Dayna at Groove Barre and I have seen the difference in my body in just a couple of months!”

-Lorena P.

I just wanted to thank you for yesterday’s class. I really enjoyed your class and after being rather discouraged and hesitant – it was a great experience and I felt positive that I can do this!”

Carolyn L.

Groove Barre is a beautiful studio and Dayna has great energy and music!! The signature barre class was a perfect combination of strength and stretch; it’s a great workout!

Tracie S.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) How is Groove Barre dealing with COVID-19?

This one is so important, it has it’s own page! Click here to read about our COVID-19 policies.

Q) I’ve booked my first class – what should I expect?

We suggest you arrive 10 minutes before your first class. This will give us time to go over any questions or concerns you might have and to discuss any limitations you might have.

We encourage you to be on time. But we know life happens!  You can still come if you are running late!

If you need a locker, please bring a lock.

Stay Hydrated! Bring water or a refillable bottle with you.

We recommend bare feet for most classes in order to better connect cuing to your body. 

All of our classes follow a similar rhythm and all are driven by the beat of the music. The choreography is intuitive and easy to follow.

HAVE FUN! We are so excited to have you a part of our community!

Q) Which is better – barre, Pilates, or yoga?

Well, obviously barre! We say this tongue in cheek. Of course barre is better – takes the best from Pilates, and the best from yoga, and mashes it up with dance! What could be better? Seriously, don’t take our word for it. Try a class. Your first class is free. We do this with confidence, knowing that most people will be back. Barre is highly addictive! And effective.

Q) What should I wear to class?

In general, fitted athletic wear is best, but wear whatever you feel good working out in. Most of our clients will be dressed as they would be for a yoga class. And legwarmers. Everyone needs leg warmers. Just kidding. But I do like leg warmers. We don’t recommend shorts as we do work with exercise loops around the legs, and this can be uncomfortable on bare legs. Groove Barre apparel is always a good idea! Click here to shop.

Barefoot is great for most of our classes, or if you prefer, no-skid socks. If you have foot problems, we recommend shoes for REV and Dance and Sculpt classes.

Q) What if I have to leave early?

Just let us know, and we’ll make sure you are situated near the door so your departure is less disruptive. We understand that life happens, and we’d rather see you just for a little while instead of not at all!

Q) What if I’m out of shape or overweight?

We meet every client where they are today. Each class is adaptable for all fitness levels. Wherever you are today, we are here to cheer you on in your fitness journey!

Q) Where do I park?

Around back there is plenty of parking. You also enter the building from the back, so this is rather convenient!

If Main Street is busy, we recommend you approach parking from the back.
Directions from Bullock: heading east, cross over Main Street (Bullock turns in Parkway Avenue), and turn right onto George Street. Continue until Church Street, and then turn right. Enter the parking lot you see on the right. Park where you like. Groove Barre is the last building – it is a red brick house.

Directions from Hwy 7: Turn north onto Washington Street. Continue until Church Street, and then left right. Enter the parking lot you see on the right. Park where you like. Groove Barre is the last building – it is a red brick house.

Directions from Ninth Line: Head west on Church Street. Crossover George Street. Enter the parking lot you see on the right. Park where you like. Groove Barre is the last building – it is a red brick house.

Q) I have no dance experience or I’m not a good dancer – will I embarrass myself?

You don’t need dance experience to have a great barre class. And you definitely don’ t need to be a dancer. All of our classes follow the same rhythm, and within 2 or 3 classes, you will have the rhythm down pat. Our classes keep in time to the music, and the choreography is intuitive and easy to follow. Barre does not need to be complicated in order to get a good workout!

Q) I’ve never been to barre before – which class should I take?

No wrong answers! All of our barre classes follow a similar flow and you will become familiar with basic ballet moves, Pilates exercises, and some of the simple props we use. You will also develop an ear for the intuitive method we cue and teach, and soon you’ll feel at home in any of our classes. Best bet is to pick the one that the description sounds most appealing to you.

Q) What should I bring to class?

Water. A mat. Your long band and loop. And a can-do attitude! 

Q) I’m pregnant – can I still do barre?

Absolutely. Just make sure we know, and we’ll be sure to provide modifications as necessary.

Q) How many times a week should I come for best results?

We recommend you come at least 3 times a week in order to see results. If you’d like faster results, come more often. If you are new to fitness, start by staggering your workouts every other day to give your body time to adapt. As you grow more fit, come as often as you like. Because our classes train for endurance, it is not necessary to take a day off after your workout. We do recommend you take at least one day off a week to allow the body to rest and recover. Our chill class would be a great option for your recovery day, or a nice long slow walk.

Q) Do men take barre?

To be honest, not enough do! Men are more than welcome at the studio, and in fact, once a month we will have a special event (BroBarre) to encourage more men to visit Groove Barre. Barre fitness encourages endurance, flexibility and balance – and these are all things that benefit both men and women.

Q) A ballet inspired workout doesn’t sound very challenging – will I get a challenging workout?

Don’t take our word for it. Come and try it. Your first class is only $10. We do this with confidence, knowing that most people will be back. They come back because they become addicted to the booty burn, the special shake, and the utter euphoria of having not only having survived such an intense workout, but from actually loving it. View our class descriptions to find the right class for you.

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