We create fitness enthusiasts. We help people fall in love with the process of getting fit and staying fit, through great workouts, community, and undeniable results. It’s all good – go ahead and get addicted.

it’s different at groove barre

Low Impact: You can get an amazing high intensity workout with ZERO impact. This means you can workout hard without being hard on your joints!

Friendly community: If you’re new to Groove Barre, and we don’t introduce you to someone, your next class is on us!

Choose your Challenge:  Groove Barre is an adaptable fitness method. Depending on your energy or fitness level, you pick your option. With ZERO judgement. We’re just glad you came!

Undeniable Results: in the words of Joseph Pilates, “In 10 sessions, you’ll feel a difference. In 20, you’ll see the difference. In 30, you’ll have a new body.”

read what clients have to say about their classes at groove barre

The signature barre class was a great workout! Lorena is an amazing instructor – she’s super energetic and motivating. She created such a fun atmosphere. I’m looking forward to many more classes!


Amazing! Great work out. Great time. Great people.


I found Groove Barre last summer when I was looking to get back into a fitness routine. I was initially concerned I would be bored with just barre classes, but every class feels different and challenging. I love the pilates and yoga classes, and I’m excited about the new rebounder classes for HIIT cardio. Since joining Groove Barre, I’ve lost weight, made new friends, and have even considered learning to teach barre.

Michelle C.

Power yoga is an awesome class! Invigorating and empowering. I feel stronger after every class!
Barb K.

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