All the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions right here!  Did we miss something?  Drop us a line anytime and we’ll get back to you ASAP…

 Q) What should I expect at my first class?

Most importantly – HAVE FUN!  Take this time for yourself, take a deep breath, and let it all go!  Welcome to our Groove Barre community.

If possible, plan on arriving a little early to your first class – aim for 15 minutes early if you can swing it.  That way you won’t feel rushed, and we can talk about any issues you might have going on with your body at this time, and any other concerns you may have.

Bring a lock if you plan on using one of our lockers.

Barre is thirsty business.  Don’t forget your water bottle.  Take breaks and water whenever you like!

Don’t worry about perfecting the moves on your first class.  And don’t worry, no one is looking at you.  We have all been there.  After a few classes, you will find your body relaxing and finding the rhythym of the class.

Q) What do I wear on my feet?

Bare feet is fine for most people for most of our classes.  If you have issues with your feet (like plantar fasciitis for example), we recommend being bare foot as long as you are feeling no pain.  If you feel pain, put on your supportive athletic shoes.  Over time your feet will become stronger.  For our classes with some impact (Dance & Sculpt and REV) feel free to wear your athletic shoes the whole time (bare feet are fine too.)

 Q) What should I wear to class?

Job number one – feel good in what you are wearing.  We generally recommend fitted athletic wear, but we want you to feel comfortable.  Leggings are perferred over shorts as sometimes we’ll place bands on the legs, and this can be uncomfortable on bare legs.  Groove Barre tanks and T’s are a great bet too!

Q) I have bad knees, bad hips, a sore back, whatever… – Can I still do barre?

Yes, check out this article.

Q) I have to leave early – is that okay?

Sure, we understand it’s busy trying to juggle the demands of life. Just let us know, so we don’t worry…

Q) What if I arrive late?

No problem.  Come on in.  Our door is open!

Q) What if I’m overweight or it’s been a long time since I’ve exercised?

Each class is adaptable for all fitness levels – modify, modify, modify. Groove Barre is a judgement free zone where many options are presented, and everyone is free to choose.  Also, we all take breaks whenever we want, and no one is noticing when your breaks are.  We meet every client where they are today. Wherever you are today, we are here to cheer you on in your fitness journey!

Q) Where do I park?

There is lots of parking at the back of the building, which is also where our entrance is.

If Main Street is busy, take the back way!

Directions from Bullock: heading east, cross over Main Street (Bullock turns in Parkway Avenue), and turn right onto George Street. Continue until Church Street, and then turn right. Enter the parking lot you see on the right. Park where you like. Groove Barre is the last building – it is a red brick house.

Directions from Hwy 7: Turn north onto Washington Street. Continue until Church Street, and then left right. Enter the parking lot you see on the right. Park where you like. Groove Barre is the last building – it is a red brick house.

Directions from Ninth Line: Head west on Church Street. Crossover George Street. Enter the parking lot you see on the right. Park where you like. Groove Barre is the last building – it is a red brick house.

Q) I’m worried I will embarrass myself – I’m not a good dancer.  Will I?

Having a great barre class and having dance experience are not related at all.  Don’t worry.  Soon it will second nature.  All of our classes follow the same pattern.  The choreography is easy to follow.  You will have a great workout!

Q) I’m brand new to barre.  What class is best for me?

Start with Signature if the timing works for you.  Signature is our most popular class.  All of our other classes add onto Signature.  But don’t shy away from the others. They all follow the same rhythm and you will pick it up in no time.

Q) Do I need to bring anything to class?

Just yourself, water, and a mat. And if you forget your mat, you can borrow one of ours!

Q) Can I still do barre if I’m pregnant?

Yes. Make sure you let us know, and we will make sure to deliver a class that is safe for you.

Q) I want to see results!  How often should I come?

To get the most out of your barre classes, you should plan on coming 3 times a week.  More often if you want to see faster results. 

If it’s been a while since you’ve exercised, ease yourself back in. Start with 2 times per week, gradually building up to every other day, or even every day if you like.

We recommend you take at least one day off a week in order to allow your body time to recover.  A great activity for recovery day is a long walk, or some gentle yoga.  Sundays we have a very relaxed Chill yoga class at 11:00 am.  Great option for your recovery day.

Q) Are there any men that do barre?

Not enough men do!  But they are welcome at Groove Barre.  We will try to drag in a few with some special events – look for BroBarre – it’s coming soon!