I am being asked if I will be permitted to re-open under the amendment to the emergency orders the Ontario government made this morning.  The amendment clarifies “that classes delivered for the purpose of teaching or training amateur or professional dancers in dance techniques are permitted to operate provided specified conditions are met. This change to the regulation recognizes that dance styles such as ballet, hip hop, and ballroom, can still be taught and practiced safely when certain public health measures are followed, similar to other permitted activities, such as cheerleading and gymnastics. Dance classes that do not meet the specified criteria (e. g. a Zumba class) would not be permitted.”

I spoke with Public Health this morning. The representative said he thought I could open, but was unwilling to give me a definitive answer, and would not go on the record offering an opinion.

So I could make a case to re-open. But I won’t. Instead I will call out the government on their unclear and confusing rules. Why no Zumba but ballet and hip hop yes? Did you know that ballet and hip hop are incredibly vigorous forms of dance? Does the government know this? I’m not sure they do.

It also seems strange that I could teach a vigorous ballet barre class, yet under the rules, my Pilates and stretch yoga classes are off limits, even though there is zero cardio.

So as much as I want to re-open, until the government can make rules that are clear that it’s okay for me to re-open, I won’t take the risk. I take your health and safety very seriously, and with rising case counts, I can’t take the risk. Quite frankly, running a small fitness studio during COVID-19 is one of the most stressful things I’ve ever faced. Feeling like your health and safety is in my hands is an enormous responsibility, and I’m a trainer, not a scientist.

Looking at the news, I think larger scale shutdowns are inevitable. Case counts are rising, hospitals are reaching capacity, and there seems to be only one direction this thing is going.

If you want your local studios to survive COVID-19, the best thing you can do is subscribe to online classes, and shop from their boutiques.  

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I am playing the long game, and asking for your support to help ensure a viable future for Groove Barre. Book your online class now.